Subfolio System Information

Subfolio Version:


Server Requirements:

Apache version Failed Subfolio requires Apache 2.0 or newer
PHP version Pass 5.6.30
GD enabled Pass bundled (2.1.0 compatible)
SPL enabled Pass
Mod rewrite Unknown Unknown We could not determine if Mod Rewrite was enabled or not
.htaccess file Pass found


Settings file Failed Not found  —  /config/settings/settings.yml Duplicate the settings.sample.yml file and rename it to settings.yml
File kinds file Failed Not found  —  /config/settings/filekinds.yml Duplicate the filekinds.sample.yml file and rename it to filekinds.yml
Language file Failed Not found  —  /config/settings/language.yml Duplicate the language.sample.yml file and rename it to filekinds.yml

Users & Groups:

Users file Failed Not found  —  /config/users/users.yml Duplicate the users.sample.yml file and rename it to users.yml
Groups file Failed Not found  —  /config/users/groups.yml Duplicate the groups.sample.yml file and rename it to groups.yml

If you wish to disable this page, create a blank file: /engine/info/disabled.php